This is an invitation to dive deeply into your business content plan for 2023

Simple Business Content Plan


This training includes a comprehensive workbook to map out your business model and content plan for 2023.

your business model

This training and workbook lays out all the pieces to build an awesome business model and content plan.

video training

not only does the training cover the 5 pieces to a business model and content planning, you'll also discover how to find content and never run out of ideas!

Do you feel the same way?

You have high expectations for your business but as you start to create content for different platforms, you quickly become overwhelmed and forget your long term vision. You long for an endless flow of content that comes easy. The content you create never quite turns out as you hoped. Your marketing plan feels disconnected from your intentions.

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video and workbook instruction


Overview of the simple business model


Envisioning your quarterly plans


Mapping out your quarterly content


Simplifying your marketing plan

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After this

a Foundation to build upon

You’ll have the insight you need to begin a simple business model. Your clear understanding of long form content will set your business up for success.

Confidence to create content

Self-doubt will evaporate as you continue to practice the methods. This spark I’ve ignited inside you will grow stronger and push the limits of your content.

Skills to elevate

Your thirst for improvement will further be powered tips you’ve picked up in this training. You can continue to change and expand your business.

Last time. Make sure you get in before the doors close!

That feeling of creating a dream business on your own terms—
that’s called intuition.
You deserve to follow it.

Progress over perfection! That's where you'll see growth and visibility!

allison scholes

your simple business content plan starts now!